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Where and What to Eat in Berlin

Food, glorious food!

Berlin is at the forefront of something of a gastronomical revolution, and a city which despite its plentiful history, is also a major foodie place of delicious heaven. Traditional German food might not be as up there with the Italian dishes we all know and love, and the Chinese takeaway menus we have at the weekend, but it is hearty, it is fresh, and it is downright delicious. If you’re looking for something away from the fast food outlets that are so popular the world over, try something new whilst you’re visiting the city.

Whether you go for the famous currywurst, or you opt for Käsespätzle, which in case you weren’t aware is a kind of strong cheesy pasta dish, you can be sure of something a little different, and maybe something a little wonderful.

So, what should you chow down when you visit this historic city?

Well, we all know about wiener schnitzel, right? If you don’t know, then it’s time you did! This thinly sliced meat dish is bread-crumbed and cooked to perfection, and is considered a staple dish. Most restaurants serve it, to prove its popularity, and many consider KaDeWe to serve the best one, however I guess that’s a personal opinion you should make for yourself!

It’s so cheap to eat out in Berlin that you might wonder why people bother cooking for themselves, and if you are staying for a little time and you have cooking facilities, it’s unlikely you’ll be using them too much.

You’ll find that many of the restaurants around the city, the traditional ones at least, are very olde-worlde in their décor, in an attempt to preserve as much authenticity as possible. Kurpfalz-Weinstuben is a popular choice, and is particularly good for wine-lovers who want to try something new. Having been open for 75 years you can expect quality, and the meals on offer are certainly something different, including grieweworscht, which is a blood pudding sausage.

Zur Letzten Instanz is a similar kind of establishment which has been open almost forever it would seem, and is one of the oldest pub/restaurants in the city. This has a simple feel, quite informal for meals, and that means you can enjoy some more authentic dishes, such as pickled herrings, for example.

For something slightly more mainstream, check out Gugelhof, which has some delicious twists on authentic dishes, such as Flammkuchen, a pizza covered in crème fraiche and then baked. Or alternatively, try Eckbert Zwo, which aims to make traditional German dishes a little more accessible for those trying them for the first time. Bratkatoffeln is a safe choice, which is basically potatoes fried with bacon – delicious!

German food might not be for everyone, simply because some of it is a little ‘out there’, but it has been around for centuries, so they must be doing something right! Give it a go, try it, you really might like it, and these fantastically atmospheric restaurants will truly give you a real taste of authentic Germany, in the midst of such a historic, and beautiful city like Berlin.

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