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Malaysia’s Best Islands

Welcome to paradise!

Malaysia is one of the most exotic and scenic countries in the world, and is full of amazing opportunities for snorkelling and diving. The underwater world around these waters is just as stunning as what can be found on dry land, and when you consider the culture, scenery, cuisine, vibrant city life, and activities you can do on land, that’s a bold statement!

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has many islands which wouldn’t be out of place on Castaway, as well as the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur too. Of course, trying to pick an island to visit is quite the task, but if you need help, here are a few suggestions.

Pulau Kapas

Locals have nicknamed this beautiful island ‘Cotton Island’, mainly because of how the beaches look – soft, powdery white sand, with your feet literally sinking into it like talcum powder, and the blue of the ocean lapping at the shore. It is a slice of paradise, there’s no denying that. The green hills which run down to the beach give it a truly natural vibe, and the many snorkelling and diving opportunities add to its appeal.


You can’t actually stay on Sipadan anymore, because it is now a protected area, however those wanting to check out the amazing diving opportunities can visit for the day from neighbouring islands – this fact alone should tell you how special the scenery is here. Located off the east coast, this is an island where you will get to see the best of what lies beneath the ocean’s calm surface.


Everyone will know Langkawi as being Malaysia’s number one tourist resort, and it is actually an archipelago of just under 100 islands, close to Thailand’s border. The largest island is Pulau Langkawi and this is where much of the life is to be found, along with Pulau Tuba. A must do when visiting this region is to take the cable car up Gunung Mat Chinchang and view Thailand from the look-out point.


This is a historical island, but it is a bustling one, with plenty of life to go alongside a holiday on the beach. Plenty of culture, amazing food, and lots of accommodation choices await visitors to Penang, and Georgetown is a wonderful place to visit, with architecture and history aplenty.


This is one of the largest islands, where you can enjoy relaxation and also head off on jungle tours if you want to visit the exotic wildlife, fauna and flora which inhabits the island. The beaches however are a totally chilled-out matter, and really are a slice of paradise, with plentiful diving and snorkelling again.

These are just five of Malaysia’s most beautiful islands, and whilst they are all stunning to see, and have plentiful underwater activities on offer, they are all different in their own small, subtle ways. Wherever you choose to head when you visit this wonderful country, you can be assured of a memorable experience.

Welcome to paradise indeed!

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