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Highlights of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula & Quintana Roo


We all know that Mexico is one of those countries everyone dreams of visiting; with its power-white sands and turquoise blue sea, the beaches here are like something from a dream, and kicking back and relaxing is truly the order of the day. Of course, if you head to party-mad Cancun, you might find relaxing a little difficult, but if you want to dance ‘til dawn then you’re more than catered for!

The great news is that you can base yourself in popular Cancun and easily explore the region, giving you a base you can rely on, with the chance to immerse yourself in the stunning Mayan ruins and culture around this part of the country, as well as some world-class snorkelling opportunities.

For your upcoming trip to this beautiful part of the world, here are a few highlights you must pack in

Beach time in Cancun

If you are staying in Cancun then you must spend a day or two on the beach with a cocktail in hand! This is a rite of passage for sure, and you won’t struggle to find a stretch of beach. If you are staying in one of the many beachfront hotels in Zona Hotelera, or Hotel Zone, then you will probably be privy to a private stretch of beach, perfect for a chill out before you explore, or perhaps to recharge your batteries afterwards.

Explore the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza & Tulum

Chichen Itza is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and when you see it you will understand why. These famous ruins are set amongst a very large space, so you won’t feel too packed in or like you’re in the middle of the crowd, however the importance of the ruins means it will get busy during the middle of the day. You can walk around the ruins and enjoy the hieroglyphs you will see carved into the stones, as well as the famous El Castilllo, aka Temple of Kukulkan.

In addition, you also have the beautiful ruins of Tulum, which have the major bonus of a cliffside location, meaning you can combine your day of history with a chill out on the beach afterwards.

Amazing marine-life at Puerto Morelos National Park

The world’s second largest coral reef system is located here and you will find some stunning snorkelling opportunities. There are countless trips you can go on, and you should make this a full day out, to truly explore what lies beneath. Do be aware that you are in open water so the occasional wave can be strong.

Immerse yourself in nature in Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

The name translates to ‘where the sky was born’ and you’ll understand why when you set eyes on the lagoons that seem to reflect the endless nature of the sky. This is a huge reserve, with nature, rainforests, and two large lagoons, where you can swim in peace and quiet. Muyil rainforest is also where sap is collected to make chewing gum, as an interesting fact.

Escape to Isla Mujeres

Around 20 minutes from Cancun you will find this stunningly beautiful island, which truly does feel like it should have been on the set of Castaway. Totally chilled out, laid back, and peaceful, this is where you can forget all your cares on a deserted beach.

A spot of culture in Merida

History and architecture fans should certainly head here. The stunning colonial buildings will be a dream for those interested in such things, as well as sampling some authentic cuisine, such as cochinita pibil – a marinated pork dish of delicious proportions.

If beauty, history and culture are you thing, then this is your destination.

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