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Five Easy Steps for Saving Money for Travel

I saw a quote the other day, something along the lines of ‘if travel was free, you’d never see me again’, and it struck a chord, because I believe this is a true thought of many people; we all want to see the world and travel, but we simply can’t afford it.

Let’s face it, none of us are swimming in money, and if you are, well, lucky you! If you are a mere mortal, and you’re trying to save up enough cash to fund a travel adventure of some sort, no matter where to or for how long, here’s a few tips and suggestions on just how you can save up a little, to help make your travel dream a firm reality.

Look at your outgoings

Do you have direct debits which leave your account every month? Something like a mobile phone contract or a gym membership? If so, can you cancel them? Maybe you can’t, but you may be able to renegotiate them to a lower rate, which gives you cash spare at the end of the month to save up for your travel adventure.

Sell your junk

Ever heard the saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure? It’s true, believe it or not! Have a ruthless clear out, and by that I mean anything you haven’t used, looked at, or bothered with, and see if you can list it on eBay. If you make anything, save it!

Get a second job

You may have to say goodbye to your social life for a short while in the lead up to your travel adventure, and the best way to fill your time is by earning extra cash. See if you can pick up some shifts in a bar or restaurant in the evenings or at the weekend. You’re going to be tired, but it will be worth it. Remember you’re going to pay a higher amount of tax on a second job, but it’s still better than nothing.

Freelance on the go

Freelancing is a great way to earn cash whilst you’re travelling, because all you need is a laptop and internet connection. In order to earn anything substantial you will generally need to build up your profile, and that means taking on a few jobs beforehand. Start building up your reputation in the months before you go away, save anything you earn, and then continue it whilst you’re away, to fund your adventure. You can write, proofread, be a virtual assistant, the list goes on.

Open a high interest savings account

It’s important that anything you do save you put into a high interest savings account, because that way you are earning money for nothing, and you’re not going to touch what you do save. Talk to your bank about their products on offer and choose the best one for you, but I will repeat this again – make sure you don’t touch anything you save!

Saving money isn’t the easiest thing in the world, not when there is a world of temptation out there, shopping you might want to do, and places you might want to go of an evening, but keep your eyes on the prize – your travel adventure!

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