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Ten South American Bucket-list Experiences


How many can you tick off? South America is an epic adventure like no other, full of some of the most stunning scenery in the world. Of course, with that comes many experiences that you may have on your own personal bucket-list. The chance to tick these off is something …

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Colombia Vs Venezuela: Which one to visit?


Choosing where to head in South America is a big task. You don’t want to miss anything amazing, but that’s hard to do unless you see all of it, and that is an even bigger task! Because of this fact, you may find yourself having to choose between countries, simply …

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How to Avoid Travel Weight Gain


When you’re on the road and you’re busy seeing amazing sights, it’s easy to either a) forget to eat and then binge later, or b) make very unhealthy choices simply because it’s not so easy to find healthy options on the go. All of this can add up to a …

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