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Two Weeks in Thailand


Exploring paradise Thailand has long been a traveller’s dream; full of exotic places to visit, misty mountains, beautiful temples, culture, history, cuisine, amazing scenery, wildlife, and of course, those famous Full Moon parties, and whilst it is certainly a well-trodden backpacking route, it is one which will remain in circulation …

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What To Do With a Stop-Over in Italy’s Capital


Rome in a day? To coin a very over-used phrase – Rome wasn’t built in a day, so if you are lucky enough to have a stop-over on your way to your final destination and you find yourself with 24 hours in this beautiful and historic city, don’t expect to …

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Where and What to Eat in Berlin


Food, glorious food! Berlin is at the forefront of something of a gastronomical revolution, and a city which despite its plentiful history, is also a major foodie place of delicious heaven. Traditional German food might not be as up there with the Italian dishes we all know and love, and …

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Hitting the Waves in Sri Lanka


A surfing destination you might not have thought of If you’re a keen surfer, or simply someone who fancies giving it a go and learning a new skill, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to a destination to learn. Obviously there are some which are more famous …

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How to Plan an Epic Six Months’ Trip Around South America


  If you’re searching for an epic journey, one which is the human equivalent of a Lord of the Rings style Hobbit adventure, then you need to be looking towards South America. This huge landmass has more nature, culture, drama, and scenery than most places can ever dream of, and …

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Five Easy Steps for Saving Money for Travel

Bought a travel wallet :(

I saw a quote the other day, something along the lines of ‘if travel was free, you’d never see me again’, and it struck a chord, because I believe this is a true thought of many people; we all want to see the world and travel, but we simply can’t …

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Malaysia’s Best Islands


Welcome to paradise! Malaysia is one of the most exotic and scenic countries in the world, and is full of amazing opportunities for snorkelling and diving. The underwater world around these waters is just as stunning as what can be found on dry land, and when you consider the culture, …

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Five of the Best Day Trips from London


London is a wonderful city to visit, there’s no doubt about it, but if you’re staying in the centre of a huge and busy city for more than a few days, you could be forgiven for feeling a little burnt out. Those who live in London often feel the need …

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Ten South American Bucket-list Experiences


How many can you tick off? South America is an epic adventure like no other, full of some of the most stunning scenery in the world. Of course, with that comes many experiences that you may have on your own personal bucket-list. The chance to tick these off is something …

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Colombia Vs Venezuela: Which one to visit?


Choosing where to head in South America is a big task. You don’t want to miss anything amazing, but that’s hard to do unless you see all of it, and that is an even bigger task! Because of this fact, you may find yourself having to choose between countries, simply …

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How to Avoid Travel Weight Gain


When you’re on the road and you’re busy seeing amazing sights, it’s easy to either a) forget to eat and then binge later, or b) make very unhealthy choices simply because it’s not so easy to find healthy options on the go. All of this can add up to a …

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How to Meet Other Travellers When You Travel Solo


  Travelling solo, in whatever guise, used to have a bit of stigma attached to it; it used to be something that you didn’t do unless you were, well, a bit of a loner. Thankfully, that has now changed and more and more of us are discovering the huge benefits …

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Spoilt for Choice – Five of Bali’s Best Beaches


  Bali is many people’s idea of heaven, a slice of paradise, an idyllic location full of culture, tradition, nature, and of course, a chance to kick back and relax. This is all very true, and the beaches in Bali are paradise in its truest form. Bali is of course …

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Travel safety in South America


  You’ve probably read stories in newspapers and seen reports on the TV about crime and violence in South America, and if you’ve always dreamed of visiting some of the exotic and beautiful sights in this part of the world, you could be forgiven for feeling a little nervous or …

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